Monday, February 21, 2011

Experimenting with a new template & Open thread for questions

I was just informed in my last post by reader Clarissa that the old design of my blog was difficult for her to process. One of my main objectives with writing this blog is to make it as accessible as possible to everyone with an interest in reading it, so I want to change my template and design on this blog in order to make it easy on the eyes for everyone.
Currently, the template I am using is called "Ethereal #3, and has a light background with darker text, in contrast with my previous design of a dark background with lighter text. I'm hoping that this will be an improvement, but now, I have a question for everyone who reads here: What can I do to make this blog more accessible for you to read? Is Times font hard on your eyes? Would you prefer a different colour scheme? Shall I alter the setup in some way? I am interested in knowing what works best for my readers, because you're the ones who keep me blogging. :-)
I want to make sure I'm doing everything I can to make this of equal access to you, regardless of neurological type or disability. Please feel free to comment on this post on anything I can do to accommodate you when you're reading The Quixotic Autistic.


  1. Oh, this is beautiful! And infinitely easier to read.

    I'm loving the new template!!! Now I will finally be able to read all the posts I want to.

  2. Thank you! And may I wish you happy reading?

  3. Very pretty and light like a spring day! Just what a February evening needed! :)

  4. I also find this template easier to read.

    One of the things that bugged me about your old one was that hyperlinks tended to fade into the background --- their color was too similar to the background color, so I had to highlight them in order to read them.